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Jeddah Disaster: What If Jeddah was an American City!

Dawad Al-Dawad from Aramco

Dawood Al-Dawood from ARAMCO

As Jeddah city has encountered such a devastating flood disaster by the end of November, specifically, a day before Eid Al-Adha where millions of Muslims around the world celebrate.

Official resources claimed that the flood was caused by the heavy rain downpour the city.

To me, it is a bit fishy that the rainfall only has caused the city to sink into the water due to the bad sewage infrastructure! But there is no evidence to confirm that my point is true.

In 2005, a category 5 hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans in LA, USA and left the city with a massive destruction.

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Jeddah Disaster: A Clip Collections!

Car drown by Rain!

Car drown by Rain!

My Jeddawie friend (Mohammad) likes to keep me updated with his latest in term of images nor clips of what happened in Jeddah since he is in the heart of the situation. Yet, he sent the most stunning clip out of YouTube.

It is the most horrific clips yet that I’ve seen and received for this disaster.

Basically, It consists of a collection of clips merged together to be a single clip for almost 8.30 minutes.

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Jeddah Rain: KAU Hospital Images!


Nurse with two children in packet

Up to date, the most shocking images have been received on the consequence of the recent rainfall that damaged Jeddah infrastructure. I was debating whether to continue posting them or not but I had to share it which I think is the least thing I can do to these people.

Dr. Omar Rosey was one the of these doctors who was working night shift when the rainfall occurred at King Abdulaziz University Hospital which is managed and operated by the university.

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Jeddah Disaster Continues!


King Abdullah Road in Jeddah (Before)

The monitoring continues of what is impacting Jeddah nowadays, I have found an article posted in Riyadh Newspaper, the main newspaper in Riyadh, about finalizing King Abdullah Road project in Jeddah which cost 172 million Saudi Riyal ($46 million USD). The article was posted on Sept. 14th 2007 which announced finalizing the road construction which links West Jeddah to West through tunnels and bridges said Eng. Mohammad Ashuwr the GM of studies and monitoring at Jeddah Municipality.

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Rain Caused A Disaster in Jeddah!

Jeddah1Fortunately, Jeddah has enjoyed such a beautiful weather these days due to the rain. Unfortunately, the rain has caused such a big disaster due the very corrupted bad infrastructure that Jeddah is pertaining with the world’s biggest oil country which Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the main the gate of the Saudi religious tourism due to its near airport to Makkah where millions of pilgrims come every year for Hajj and Umarh.

Ironically, a friend of mine was suppose to come to Riyadh today to spend the Eid holiday but the airport is experiencing such an awful times of the year due that rain. All flights have been delayed since 6 a.m. in the morning and my friend’s flight has been delayed from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. late night (Imagine waiting all that time on such a circumstances).

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