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GRC – Security Now!

Steve Gibson is the creator of SpineRite the magnetic storage data recovery software. Gibson always claims his proudness for the innovation of this software. However, I got into the Podcasting world so I started listening to some English language enhancement podcast. After a while I ended up listening to some of the information security podcasts since I am concern with that filed because it is my field of work. So I filled up my IPOD with so many episodes Continue reading


Kaspersky’s Protection on the Edge!

Kaspersky Lab

A few months ago, specifically, on Sunday, 20 July 2008 a Kaspersky Lab website in Malaysia based on Russia was hacked by Turkish hackers, the attack was performed by injecting an SQL command (Structured Query Language) into the mentioned website’s server to upgrade the privilege in order to obtain higher rights into a targeted system. Ironically, the same hacker have hacked another website for the brand also in Malaysia  www.kaspersky.com.my which the offcial Kaspersky Anti-Virus SES online shop. The hacker claim that his attacked was driven by his patriotism (which I don’t understand what that has to do with Kaspersky in Malaysia). This attacked came after another attacked was targeting a french-based Kaspersky Technical Support website by Algerian hackers named c02.


These multiple attacks will be are very damaging to the Continue reading

Suspicious Emails “Money Laundry” Or “Phishing”?

Recently, I’ve been receiving lots of suspected emails telling about wining a million dollar prize or have been selected for certain job offer. It is very annoying to receive such an emails in a periodic term even though I’ve tried to filter them but unfortunately they come from different source. Do they send them just in random way based on a stolen database could be found somewhere online.

would that mean that my identity has been stolen? Credit Card Number, Social Security Number/National ID number, and DOB? I don’t know but it is scary a bit. Here it comes the importance of the information security and its awareness toward a lot of people join this wide network without reserving any attention to what exactly you are going through.

Have you ever tried to search your name online through Google and see if there any matches for you?

Below is the email that I’ve received recently Continue reading