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Riyadh Rain: Reasonable Damages!

Exit 15 Top View

Exit 15 Top View (East Ring Road Highway)

So lets move on to Riyadh, as the clouds have been traveling east side of the Saudi semi-peninsula. Riyadh started getting some rain but intermittently, sometimes showering and other times are heavy. Luckily, I was able to take some images but haven’t downloaded them into my laptop yet. Anyhow, there were damages to some of the roads infrastructure and some bridges were flooded, but I appreciate the preventive measures that the Traffic Police (Al-Muroor) and Civil Defense (Al-Defa’a Al-Madani) that they took once the rain started. They blocked ways to these flooded area to preventive people from driving nor walking through and provided the vacuum tanks to clean these flooded roads as soon as possible.

I am still wondering what would happen if Riyadh was Rio De Janeiro, and these corrupted contractors  Continue reading