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Journey to Mecca (Makkah)

Film's PosterA new movie has been release recently about a journey to Makkah the Islamic holiest place in Saudi Arabia.

The movie is about Ibn Battuta, the Moroccan Muslim traveler on the 14th century.

According to the movie’s official website, Ibn Battuta has traveled over 75000 miles around the globe crossing West Africa, Spain, India, China, and Maldives.

As a result of his traveling, Ibn Battuta wrote a book named it the Rihla (the trip).

It is a very interest chance to see how the producer will play the role and contribution of such a great scholar like Ibn Battuta.

Since there is no movies centers around Continue reading


Stuff Saudi People Like!


Blog's Logo

Lately, I came across a personal blog for a Saudi blogger (Faisal) who named his blog as Stuff Saudi People Like. Honestly, I was diverted to this blog by a post that I have found at Khaled rambles blog.

However, I loved the idea at way of exposing information about a culture and country by organizing the ideas of what people do on their lives on a weekly basis by such a creative honest way.

It looks like that the website just has been created recently based on the domain search. However, the blogger talks Continue reading

Saudi Arabia National Day!

Saudi Arabia

Every year, the September 23rd is supposed to be the Saudi National day which has been locally celebrated for the past years where they weren’t before.

I am not sure how long ago they’ve regulated that day to be an official holiday, which is such an interesting day to celebrate regardless of the relevant matters.

However, this year the national day will be on Tuesday September 23, 2008 and keep in mind that the weekend in Saudi is on Thursdays and Fridays.

Government workers will gladly have about two weeks as Continue reading

احتقار (المجوس) عفوا!! … الإيرانيون للعرب

Iranian Hate

Iranian Hateبينما كنت أقوم بتنزيل بعض المجلات الإلكترونية من موقع اي بوك شير وقعت عيناي على مجلة أمريكية تدعى National Geographic ، تهتم بأمور جغرافية الأرض والشعب وهي من المجلات اللي احب اقتنائها لأنها غنية بكل جديد

لفت انتباهي غلاف المجلة لشهر أغسطس لعام 2008 وهو عن إيران وحضارة فارس

ANCIENT IRAN, inside a nation’s Persian Soul

في البداية ، تتحدث التغطية عن الحضارة الفارسية وتاريخها حيث يذكر في البداية أن إلاسكندر الأعظم استحلها ثم احرقها ما كان قد يهدد حضارة الفرس . ويسهب في الحديث عن كيف اجتمع في إيران (يمدحهم طبعا)  مختلف الأعراق وتعايشوا بسلام ، وعلى كل حال الأمر المهم هنا هو كيف ينظر الإيرانيون للعرب؟ وهو ما شدني لكتابة هذا المقال

عندما قرأت المقال تذكرت هوس الكثير بذكريات الماضي وكنا وفعلنا وسوينا والخ ….  فعلى سبيل المثال عندما نتحدث عن الفراعنة … ينبرىء لك بعض الإخوة المصريين ويقول نحن الفراعنة وكأن المتحدث فيهم هو من رفع الكثير من صخور الأهرامات أو صنع شيء في حضارة هولاء البائدين

لندخل في التغطية ونرى ماذا قال المجوس عفوا … الإيرانيون

تقول المحامية شيرين ابادي عن تجربتها عندما تسافر خارج إيران … أن الكثير يتعجب عندما يعلم أن 65% من طلاب الجامعات في إيران من النساء – وكأن زيادة التعليم بين النساء هو من أهم مقومات الحضارة Continue reading

MARS, Sunrise from the west!

I’ve heard some of which I thought it was a rumor about Mars sunrise from the west. So, I used Google to help me find any helpful information as regards to that matter.  It was found to be real where the science of astronomy states that the speed of planet Mars has been decreasing in its course toward the Eastern direction during May 2003 to the level the “waver” can be noticed between the East and the West. However, in the end of July 2003 the planet movement stopped going towards the Eastern direction.

In the months of August and September the red planet Mars changed its course in the opposite direction to the West and that until the end of September. Which means that the sun has already arose from west on that planet. These weird phenomena of the opposite movement called “Retrograde Motion,” most Scientists state that all the planets will go through the same, once at least, and our planet Earth Continue reading

“Finding Nouf” A novel by Zoe!

By a chance, I’ve landed into Amazon and noticed the title of “Finding Nouf by Zoe Ferraris” which is an Arabian name (Nouf) specifically from the Gulf Countries. The name has attracted me because of its origin and novel written by an American writer. However, I’ve never experience a well tolerated writer would produce a fair novel until I read some of this novel which I am still in the process.

American media and journalism are always taking the lead to betray the American public about the Saudi society, culture, people etc.. but surprisingly, I found this novel somehow is being tolerated with a mix of emotion throughout the pages. I’ve been through lots of Amazon review to books and some other blogs where I found these people always stress on the headscarf (Hijab) and women driving. Hijab has a very religious perspective which I truly believe in and appreciate but would disagree with women being able to drive because it Continue reading