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The Internet is a huge virtual world which is still one of my main/favorite interests to explore. I’ve tried to have my own a website for the past 8 years but all these ideas were not able to survive. As the Blogging and Bloggers have raised on the horizon, I thought of creating my blog through WordPress enjoying all their support and enhancements.

Obviously, It is an opportunity to express my ideas into English language -since I can speak it- to expose them to huge ranges of audience as the Internet World Stats indicated. The Indians and Chinese English readers are rapidly increasing so this can be another reason to prepare for them :) Enjoy the stats below!



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Moteb

    Thought I’ll know anything here. Seems disappointed!
    Maximizing the audience you’re targeting plus the ‘Saudiphobia’ making you a possibility of ignorance every time.
    Hope you all success dear Ibrahim.

  2. Ibrahim Hudhaif Post author

    Dear Moteb,

    Thanks for dropping by, I don’t think extra information about me would enhance the situation here.

    However, I am still declaring my name, isn’t it enough?

    But are you looking for something? I did not get what you meant by your second part!

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