Kashgari Atheism & Human Rights Credibility!

Recently, an immature twenty three years old Saudi blogger has posted couple of tweets through his twitter streamline. The tweets were directed in a fictional conversational style to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with discourtesy and blaspheming manner which triggered so many comments calling for his prosecution and some went demanding for his execution considering other atheistic comments.

Couple of hours later, Hamza Kashgari, ex-Albilad newspaper columnist, has deleted his comments as a response toward the outrageous comments which he has received. Later on, Abdulaziz Khoja, Saudi Minister of Culture & Media has commented through his Twitter account

Comments made me wept and angry how such a person in a country has the two Holy Mosques would say about our prophet”  followed by second tweet “I have given my order to ban his involvement in all of Saudi Newspapers and Magazines, and will apply the legal procedure into that

Hamza fled the country to unknown destination, some sources indicating that he was heading to New Zealand. Thankfully, he was detained in Malaysia and to be returned today to Saudi Arabia.

Amnesty International issued a demand not to send Hamza forcibly to Saudi Arabia as he might faced a death plenty!

To me, it is a very controversial and what amazes me the most is that the Human Rights agencies and the West calls for his release as its free of speech part of their humanitarian side. Why these voices have a complete silence when it comes to the American torture in Iraq and Afghanstan. Or the ongoing Syrian regime repression to its people!


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