Egyptian Revolution Vs Bahrain Iranian Protestors!

Last week, in Libration Square, Egyptians were able to through their long standing dictator ruler M. Hosni Mubarak out of power where he handed temporarily the control power over to Egyptian army.

Egyptian revaluation was a cascading consequence of recent event occurred in Tunisia which also eventually resulted to ex-president Z. Bin Ali escaping country for his live!

Interestingly, a group of organized protesters have arranged protesting event & activities as they’ve named it. These protestors took  same name of the spontaneous Egyptian protestors group “Youth of Changes”.

According to brochures, these events will start from Setra Island as these brochures had been smoothly distributed all over electronically & signed up by what-so-called coordination committee (I’ve received some these brochures).

By looking at these brochures, it is easily noticeable that the group had enough time to prepare and organize their marching and if-in case scenarios to re-group in different areas. Also, brochures titled out the marching to be “Day of Anger” demanding freeing up all Shiitte prisoners who been jailed for unknown period.

It is obvious that the marching is supported by regional intelligence which clearly point it out to Iran as it has very clear religious background.

As matter of fact, it is a major Iranian interest de-stabilizing GCC countries and eventually Saudi Arabia to overtake sole regional power and proceed projecting what-so-called Shiitte Crescent.

Regularly and without hesitations, Iran have been threaten to attack neighbouring , specifically, GCC countries if Iran is ever been attacked!

This Bahraini protesting has no flavour of its people as it has suspicious of being an outsider interest! Egyptian revolution has unified Muslims and Christians into one line, yet I doubt same scenario occur in Bahrain!

Question, will the silence stay for long?

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