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Saudi Arabia swims on top of one of largest proven oil reserved fields in the world and supplies around 15.8% of American foreign oil consumption. Moreover, Saudi’s major customers of US$230 billion worth of exports in 2007 include Japan (17.7% of total exports), South Korea (9.1%), China (7.2%), Taiwan (4.7%) and Singapore (4.5%).

Today’s OPEC basket price hits $85.27 which means that Saudi Arabia will make (85.27 x 9.5M B/day = USD 810,065,000) in a day! However, that should logically decrease the unemployment rate in the country.

Ironically, that did not happen according to a previous article in 2007 by Ghazi Al-Gosibi minister of labor that passed away just recently published by Alarabiya News channel. Al-Gosibi claimed that the unemployment rate has reached 12% which triggers questions and alarms when it comes to the previous figures!

Oil Reserve

Last Sunday, I was reading the ArabNews which is one of the Saudi-English newspapers where I came across article about seasonal jobs as part of the preparation for the Hajj season this year. 27000 seasonal jobs are to be filled to run and operate the new Makkah Metro. Ironically, these jobs will be totally filled up by Egyptians which explains why unemployment rate has been increasing relatively!

Saudi Haj service companies meet the salary and other expenses of the imported labor, which run to more than SR30,000,000, he added. “The number of seasonal workers for Haj increased from 5,000 last year to 27,000 this year and this shows the trust of Saudi authorities in Egyptian workers,” said Egyptian Minister of Manpower and Immigration Aysha Abdul Hadi. The minister added that the workers were selected from 50,000 applicants.

ArabNews Article

I logged to the websites with curiosity to see what kind of comments will be posted. Comments came very surprising as I never thought to be posted by non-Saudis, Where are the Gentlemen who favour in Saudization , this Driving Job is the best qualified job for Saudis and no need any specialized training or experience for them as they are born drivers still its sad that the company has to depend upon the expatriate manpower SIDDIQUI posted! (Please see comments)

In the other side, lots of companies operate in Saudi doesn’t hire Saudis, even though; these companies are making their fortunes out of this country. Example here, IT Company is looking to hire an IT engineer but doesn’t target Saudis, only westerns or Lebanese!! (Thanks for Google cashing feature to keep copy of old posts).

Cannot train Saudis for these jobs?

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