Was the Sri Lankan Really Tortured!

Recently, I came across over than 85 articles through Google news talking about the recent claim by a 49 year old Sri Lankan house maid been tortured by her sponsors in Saudi Arabia.

However, all of these articles urged about doctors at the Kamburipitya Base Hospital in the Matara district, 140 km from Colombo had found 23 nails in the body of that house maid who just returned from Saudi Arabia.

“I had to work continuously since I had to do the chores of all the occupants and when I wanted to take rest due to tiredness, they inserted the nail in my body as punishment.I had to work from dawn to dusk. I hardly slept. They beat me and threatened to kill me and hide my body,” she told the channel.

Her family only realized what had happened to her when she complained of pain and they took her to see the doctor, Foreign Employment Bureau officials said.

Initially, I was very stunned while reading between the lines about such a horrible behavior that a human being would ever act. Then, I had another thought about this incident, which seemed to me to be a little bit incomplete!

Hammered Maid!

The house maid or whoever claims that she was hammered with 24 nails including her forehead!! I wonder that no one in the airport, plan or even on the Sri Lankan airport has noticed the marks bruises!! Ironically, her family realized that! and took her to see a doctor for further check, where the doctor has found the nails through the X-Ray!!

X-Ray of Maid's Hand!

I would imagine myself with 24 nails into my body and remaining silent with whining all the time or not even acting in such an abnormal way! Again,  since this a serious crime, why no related videos or images for that hammered maid have been publicly disclosed to prove that case! The only images what I was able to find are whatever published with this post!

Without digging for further details on that regard, I find a little bit hard to believe it without a real evidences.

I am not trying to defend Saudi nor Saudis but if they build a real case, it would acceptable! below are a real tortured cases for maids but none cares!

Abuse in Jordan

Abuse in Malaysia

In Singapore, not only torture! but even murdered!

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