Governments & BlackBerry Attitude!


As UAE announced its complete ban to BlackBerry services including the BB messenger and email services, Saudi Arabia has raised their flag and then announced the date of banning.

Rumors spread around that RIM (Research In Motion) the Canadian-Based smartphones maker had agreed to allow the Indian government to monitor all the encrypted data which was the main cause of the controversy.

But RIM has denied with tough attitude the fact that it would allow the Indian intelligences to have access to monitor the data. Even Indonesia has expressed their appetite to join Saudi Arabia and UAE on the ban according to CBSNEWS.

Gatot Dewabroto, spokesman for the Ministry of Communication and Information, wants RIM to set up a server locally so encrypted information sent by the phones will not have to be routed through the Canadian company’s overseas computers.

“We don’t know whether data being sent through BlackBerrys can be intercepted or read by third parties outside the country,” he said, expressing concern that information could be used by criminals or spies.

The announcement came hours after Saudi Arabia said its telecom regulator had ordered mobile operators across the kingdom to halt BlackBerry services as of Friday.

The United Arab Emirates, too, plans to shut down e-mail, messaging and Web browsing on BlackBerrys starting in October.

I don’t understand why would RIM consider a very tough side of the negotiation. The issue could become a very cascading since two countries had already banned the service. Again, it looks like that India is on the way to join the gangs! Meanwhile, RIM share has lost $2.7 billion in just two days which increases the concerns over the companies future within the current competition between the samrtphones makers.

Personally, I will be affected by the ban since I have been enjoying using the service for a while, also, the BlackBerry phone is useless without the service, so what to do considering the current situation? Nothing but to keep watching what would happen or blog about it!

Lastly, the very concerning thing that is STC had announced offering pre-booking a new BlackBerry Pearl 9105 for SAR 1599 and the offer is still there while the ban will be by Friday! The announcement just came two days before UAE & Saudi Arabia CITC’s declare the ban.

Screen Capture of STC's Ad

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