Riyadh Rain: Nadheem Block! Photos Collection!

Wondering what to do!

Recent rainfall forced residents of Nadheem block eastern side of Riyadh city to swim under dirty water.

Most of their properties including furniture, Houses, and cars were damaged.

However, owner of Saudi Press Facebook group took the opportunity and visited the block with his own camera to come up with a great report!

These images were taken Thursday morning May the 6th 2010 which shows many people are struggling with no electricity and clean home to survive at!

These people had been swimming with the dirty water since the rainfall has started on Monday on the same week!

Imagine dirty water on your house with couple of days, meanwhile, Saudi Civil Defense just came to check the block and left!

According to Riyadh Newspaper, two hundred thousands people are living on that sank area!

images explain more!

5 thoughts on “Riyadh Rain: Nadheem Block! Photos Collection!

  1. Joe

    Allah Tabarak wa Taala,tried to wash away the sins committed by the Saudis,next time very soon there will be another flood like the one sent by Allah during Noah’s time.

  2. dirtyarab

    hmm look at dirty arabs backwards even they dont know how to built their building by new technology

  3. dirtyarab

    really arab behaviour is disgusting most of arab boys are liar with disgusting behaviour with girls and many arab boys are criminals and they like torture each others

  4. arab

    dirtyarab.we dont have technology becaz many arabs are lazy and they dont like study or we dont have freedom becaz of saudi king .they are really cruel and they strangle any free speech

  5. Ibrahim Hudhaif Post author


    Yeah, we are trying to be like you my Indian friend! :)

    Your comment reflects your background… but what girls issue has to do here! I am trying to link it!
    Thanks for passing by!

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