Saudis Outrage over STC


As STC continues frustrating their costumers, an obscure TV channel named Al-Dana TV has aired a show to speak out loud for these people who were literally severally financially affected by STC’s failure to provide such a decent service by internal problem within their own inventory system.

The TV channel hosted a gentleman who believed to be an obscure lawyer named Omar Al-Zamil (I am not quite sure of the last name) which I never heard of.

Initially, I thought I was alone, complaining about being forced to pay different amounts of money!

Interestingly, I came to know that more people are in such a worse situations! The show starts with a brief reportage interviewing citizens and residents somewhere in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

However, first gentleman tells his pain by being billed with over SAR 30000 (which means $8000. unbelievable!).”If I file for a claim they would inform me that the system has a problem?!  Pay & start negotiating!” He continued.

The reportage continues on the crowds, “they will not help unless I pay the total amount due and sometimes without refund, who should I approach?” a gentleman with a pitiful tone tells the reporter.

“My credit limit was SAR 1250 and I was surprised that my bill has reached SAR4500 which I never used, and I cannot pay this much of money?” another gentleman joined by his comments.

It is a grateful initivate by Al-Dana channel to raise the concern and help these people to speak out load, while this mentioned company is hijacking poor people’s pockets, and ironically proud of their growth.

As some 40-70% of the pan-Arab region’s advertising is spent in Saudi Arabia (estimates differ), networks, TV channels and publications are not going to risk jeopardizing their cash flow by upsetting their prime
advertising market in the region’s largest economy. Al-Jazeera discovered this to their cost. It is claimed that Saudi Arabian companies will not advertise on Al-Jazera for fear of annoying the Saudi establishment.

After reading The World Press Trend 2008 Report, I do not wonder why these local & regional medias keep glorifying STC and their CEO as a hero and very responsible socially! Even Al-Jazeera channel couldn’t resist that and bent to the demands! (Money Talks!).

snapshot shows how much STC has spent on 2005 which will keep the silence sustainable!

Al-Dana Show on YouTube

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