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Global Warming Myth! Threat Of Losing Power?

Global Warming?

On the recent years, the Global Warming has grabbed so much attention by the international media and governments communities excluding our media (their usual controversial concern is whether women in Saudi should drive or not?!).

Reuters has published an article on Sun Jan 24, 2010 about the United Nations climate talks which creates a big threat to Saudi Arabia as the agency indicates.

“It’s one of the biggest threats that we are facing,” said Muhammed al-Sabban, head of the Saudi delegation to U.N. talks on climate change and a senior economic adviser to the Saudi oil ministry.

It looks like the West-driven talks is trying to limit the demand of oil consumption since it gives the exporters more power and cash flow which can impact their control and power over the global economy. On the year of 2008, the oil prices had reached a new historical record by hitting over USD145 bpd.

Suddenly, the rise of attention to the Global Continue reading


How STC makes profits!

STC sucks your blood out!

2 years ago, I ordered a DSL line to enjoy using internet on my home. Pending on the waiting list for weeks then the mercy has came and received a call by STC to arrange the time to install and setup the service.

Eventually, the service is ready now so I started enjoying the internet for exactly three months with some minimal interruption but suddenly the situation has changed.

Two weeks of service interruption and frustration made me called the customers service free toll number to complain about this matter. As usual, the CS employee had advised that the service is up and running and STC is one of the greatest on the telecommunication regime on human kind history as their slogan indicates (Easier Life)!!. No wonder, we are considered as a third world country.

I gave up on that matter and surrendered to the interruptions. I even started reading about NLP to rehabilitate Continue reading

Saudi Press Trends 2008

WAN Logo

WAN is World Association of Newspapers non-profit organization found in 1948. The organization has several objectives such as defending and promoting press freedom globally, contribute to the development of print and digital news publishing, and promote co-operation between its members worldwide (according to their official website).

WAN conducts the World Press Trends report annually and sell it to the news agencies worldwide which explains why I failed to obtain the new report for 2009 because I am not willing to pay for.

Luckily, I found part of this report which talks about Saudi Arabia with multiple facts which I find these interesting to be exposed and worth buying it for the concerned organizations.

The part starts with the general economics situation Continue reading