What Saudis are Searching for In Google!

Google Insight

Google Insight

Google Insights for search is a tool provided publicly by Google which allows you to find out about the top search key words with multiple filters such as country, searched items, or time ranges.

I liked the idea, so I went digging for what Saudi users are looking for using Google search engine.

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

See examples of how you can use Google Insights for Search.

My curiosity was to see what the most searched key words in Saudi, but I found more than that where I am able to find the most searched image and news.

Lets start… Click on the images to see more!

Top Web Search:


Web Search

Saudi users searched from the year of 2004 to present time the following:

Top Searches Raising Searches
1. Forums 1. YouTube
2. Forum 2. Trivian
3. Pictures 3. Game
4. Games 4. Al-Rajhi (Al-Rajhi Bank)
5. Music 5. Tarab means rapture
6. Tarab (Rapture) 6. Okaz (Newspaper)
7. Chat 7. Girls
8. Chatting 8. Al-Watan (Home)
9. Girls 9. Riyadh
10. Riyadh 10. Forums

So I clicked on the first one which is Forums and found the below result



Top Searches Raising Searches
1. Girls Forums 1. My Heart is sick Fourm
2. Hawa (Eve) Forums 2. Cool Girls Forum
3. Eve World 3. Butterfly Forum
4. Eve World Forums 4. Sabaq News Site
5. My Heart Forums 5. Butterfly Forum
6. Tadawul (Stock Exchange) Forums 6. Gharam Forum (Passion)
7. Shareef Forums 7. Dala’a Forum
8. Tadawul (Stock Exchange) 8. Kooora Forum (Soccer)
9. Zaeem Forums (Al-Hilal Football Club) 9. Girls Forum
10. Education and Science Forums 10. My Heart Forums

Top Image Search:

The images top keywords search was as below

Images Top Search

Images Top Search

Top Searches Raising Searches
1. Pictures 1. Lamees (Turkish Actress)
2. Girls 2. Years of Loss (Turkish Movie)
3. Girls Pictures 3. Mohannad (Turkish Actor)
4. Girl 4. Nour (Turkish Actress)
5. Hot 5. Dresses
6. Girls 6. Hairstyles
7. Girl 7. Animation
8. Dresses 8. Suck (Oral Sex) 😐
9. Backgrounds 9. Guys
10. Children 10. Make up

So again, I clicked on the first one which is Pictures to see what are the top searched keywords

Top "Pictures" term searaches

Top "Pictures" term searches

Top Searches Raising Searches
1. Girls Pictures 1. Lamees
2. Girls 2. Lamees Pictures
3. Children Pictures 3. Mohannad Pictures
4. Children 4. Nour Pictures
5. Pretty Pictures 5. MSN Pictures
6. Love Pictures 6. Pictures for MSN
7. Animation Pictures 7. Cool Pictures
8. Love 8. Animation Pictures
9. Guys Pictures 9. Dresses Pictures
10. Girl Pictures 10. Guys Pictures

The Insight Search tool has more filters which cannot be limited and mentioned within this post. Anyhow, these statistics made me wonder, why 98% of these keywords are concerning a sexual related stuff? why so sensual?!…

but it is O.K.

USA top Images keywords searched for the past two years were similar (Girls, Girls and Girls :D) but with a slight difference

Top Images Keywords Search

Top Images Keywords Search

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  1. saudislike

    Dontcha hate the fact that Google knows everything about you..It’s really amazing!   Since my blog is about stuff Saudi people like, I found this post very beneficial. So thanks a lot Ibrahim

  2. Ibrahim Hudhaif Post author


    Google is a  great phenomenon when it comes to innovations

    I feel like I am the Hulk when I use Google :D… extra power to know!

    Enjoy the tool

    Your blog’s idea is very interesting, and I like it!

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  4. Carmen Lyons

    You can see why it is so difficult to give definitive lists of keywords and concepts. However, it is possible to give you samples of actual keyword searches used by recruiters I have interviewed to give you some ideas. Let me emphasize again that you should list only experience you actually have gained. Do not include these keywords in your résumé just because they are listed here.

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