Jeddah Rain: KAU Hospital Images!


Nurse with two children in packet

Up to date, the most shocking images have been received on the consequence of the recent rainfall that damaged Jeddah infrastructure. I was debating whether to continue posting them or not but I had to share it which I think is the least thing I can do to these people.

Dr. Omar Rosey was one the of these doctors who was working night shift when the rainfall occurred at King Abdulaziz University Hospital which is managed and operated by the university.

The images show that the hospital is not capable of facing such a disaster and even their server seems to be down due to the rainfall. I wonder what is happening to these patients and children who are being hosted their… lets waiting for the coming stories.

I’ll leave you with the images…

19 thoughts on “Jeddah Rain: KAU Hospital Images!

  1. mohammed ramadan

    this picture are nothing and informed  death rate also fake it will more than  1000  and this incident is not cuased  by rain in jeddah before 2 years i saww better than this rain and not caused any accident like this  this accident caused by working new projects or  new building in hill behind kilo 14 and quwaizah

    and still the officers are in work with out taking any  off of eid  &  hajj saudi citizen s has helped more for traffic by  giving advice with their experiance

  2. saad

    Its so Sad to see such a city in this situation, it shows how the people in the higher position do their work! and so far there is no blame on the government or any one related to the ministers, its an anger and warning from Allah either they learn or the next one will be worse and will take every one

  3. Maryam

    Yes, indeed!  Shocking pictures to see. My only question is that —- is it the hospital that is not ready for a disaster or the doctor himself in the picture who should know if what he is doing is right or wrong?   Maybe if it is an ordinary person who have done this action, because of ignorance in not being a doctor will be understandable.  But a doctor?  And it seems, he  looks like he is playing or what not!  Is he a a full-pledge doctor practicing what he has learned or just an intern?  I say, what is disgusting in this picture is the doctor himself and the one who has taken the picture .

  4. Hamdi

    if this information is from the doctor then he is giving fake information the hospital have at that time more than 350 patient they were served  even using the stairs uo to level 6 the server never went down even the basement was flooded …. the hospital is capable of running even many services was stopped due to the flood more effort should be done to avoid this we should work instead of crying 

  5. Oum bilal

    I am living in Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years now. I was shocked and still am, that all the authorities are still ignoring the countries situation. Instead of building shopping centres or other enjoyment parks, they should have build canalizations… these rains and storms won’t stop… it is time to do speak up… is human life so cheap ? Shame on those who still keep their eyes closed and ears shut !!!  Allah help us !  

  6. hamro

    Yes where have these people time to think about canals and sewerage only giving contracts paying bills and making the contractors rich.Make and produce your own Engineers and human resources or come to India and visit government hospitals and rural areas you all will get knowledge of how to cope with uncertainities of life.Just driving salon cars and flying by air  living in air conditioners  is not going to produce good results be practical.

  7. Jerrold Bowring

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  8. Lora Sciullo

    I was recommended to your blog by a close friend of mine and wanted to know what the buzz was all about.. now I know why she was so very excited about it. thakn heaven I found your site at the theright time. You certainly rock and same is the case with your blog too. I enjoy reading every post of yours and sometimes, a confession here, might end up reading it often.

  9. Bennie Lofman

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was very well written and easy to undertand. Unlike additional blogs I have read. I also found it very interesting. Actually after reading, I had to go show the spouse and she ejoyed it as well!

  10. dddea

    oh my , I am so sad

    I am from Jeddah the people day there

    I hear tha screams all the taim
    no one can do something
    and i see the heliCopter in every inch of the sky

    instead of having see cars in the streets I see the
    boats and dead bodies on rainwate

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