“Finding Nouf” A novel by Zoe!

By a chance, I’ve landed into Amazon and noticed the title of “Finding Nouf by Zoe Ferraris” which is an Arabian name (Nouf) specifically from the Gulf Countries. The name has attracted me because of its origin and novel written by an American writer. However, I’ve never experience a well tolerated writer would produce a fair novel until I read some of this novel which I am still in the process.

American media and journalism are always taking the lead to betray the American public about the Saudi society, culture, people etc.. but surprisingly, I found this novel somehow is being tolerated with a mix of emotion throughout the pages. I’ve been through lots of Amazon review to books and some other blogs where I found these people always stress on the headscarf (Hijab) and women driving. Hijab has a very religious perspective which I truly believe in and appreciate but would disagree with women being able to drive because it had nothing to faith or religion it is just some people are afraid of the change.

Finding Nouf

By Swati Pandey, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 5, 2008
Zoe Ferraris’ Ukrainian American grandmother thought her so spoiled that she would only marry a sheik. But Ferraris, then a San Francisco teen, didn’t quite catch her meaning.

“I thought it was some fairy-tale punishment, having to marry a sheet, having to do all the [house] work,” Ferraris said. “When I did get married, she said, ‘I told you so.’ “

Ferraris married not a sheik but a middle-class Saudi Arabian, who, upon hearing the story, good-naturedly accepted the “fabulously wealthy oil baron” stereotype. But neither grandmother nor granddaughter could have predicted the couple and their young daughter’s two-week visit to Saudi Arabia would end up lasting nine months, or that it would inspire Ferraris’ first novel, “Finding Nouf.”


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