Claiming “World’s Most Influential Arabs”?

Arabian Business is a commercial magazine based on Dubai, UAE; its main concern is about the Arabian Economies, Stock Markets, Real Estate, and Islamic Banking. I used to be a regular reader to this magazine since I hold some interest toward the financial markets and economy, also, I’ve enjoyed some of their lists and top stories.

However, I was surprised by the recent “The World’s Most Powerful Arabs List”? which they have claimed that these people are the most “Powerful, Influential” Arab people in the world?

I would partially agree with some of the characters they have mentioned due to their High-Profile power of money and relationships, but strongly disagree with most of these characters. Emotions always tend to run high when any kind of listing is produced and none more so than with a power list.” the editor who wrote the list said, so I would presume that this list based on two factors. First factor, is that he’s influenced by the Dubai environment because he mentioned the Iraqi soccer player who scored some goals in the Asian Football Championship so he placed him as the second most influential Arabian character! that guy lived in Dubai so maybe that had some small carnival celebration of the Iraqi winning so he was overwhelmed by that.

Secondly, the editor mentioned lot of businessmen living which assure the first factor which might be looking for some connection by flirting with these people through this list. Ironically, I never heard of a lot of these people whom mentioned in their list, while I am not claiming that I know everybody but I am an ordinary Saudi guy so if these people are influential at least I would hear of one of them!

One of the character is a lady who wrote a fiction of her life with her friends so she became one influential, I guess the writer misunderstood the meaning of the word “Influential”!

1 HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud Saudi Arabia Banking & Finance 1
2 Younes Mahmoud Iraq Sport new
3 Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem United Arab Emirates Banking & Finance 6 +3
4 Abdalla Salem El Badri Libya Energy 13 +9
5 Nadine Labaki Lebanon Culture & Leisure new
6 Mohammed Alabbar United Arab Emirates Construction & Industry 2 -4
7 Dr Michel Obeid Lebanon Healthcare new
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